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Layer 3 Services conceives, develops and produces a range of radio frequency (RF) based products for tactical use by military, law enforcement, related agencies and the commercial sector.
Layer 3 Services Products
Hazard Over Distance
Uses RF to give expected pressures at distance.

To provide comment on ExploMeter development use  ExploMeter Questionnaire 231030

Indication of fragmentation effects from munitions
Indication of thermal effects from fires
Indication of downwind effects from chemical, biological and radiological events
Tactical And Surveillance
Short-range communication and control for front-line troops
Surveillance Kit
For law enforcement and related agencies

EOD Equipment

Non-explosive EOD tools

BlastSax are innovative sandless sandbags for increased effectiveness in the field.

Support & Training


Users are supported by training and access to Layer 3 Service support services, click on the icon for details
Spares are obtainable through Layer 3 Services.
Repairs will be coordinated through Layer 3 Services. All Layer 3 Services items come with a standard one year warranty. An extended warranty (total of five 5 years) can be purchased. Click on the icon for details.

L3S will be exhibiting and/or speaking at the following:
International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI) Las Vegas 24-28 June - Exhibiting.
Venue Safety & Security Exhibition (VSX) Sydney 10 July - Exhibiting and Speaking.
Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO) Brisbane 28-30 August - Speaking.
Protective Security in Government Canberra 29-30 October - Speaking.
Parari 24 Canberra 19-21 November - Exhibiting.

The L3S team will be visiting Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in 2024. If you would like an on-site demonstration of ExploSim please contact us.

Don Williams' book : Bomb Safety and Security - the Manager's Guide is available on Amazon.


ExploSim instructional videos along with videos of other L3S products are on our YouTube channel below.

ExploSim Upgrade

ExploSim software and hardware has been upgraded to improve the ability of users to select between US/metric weights and distances. It now possible to 'mix and match'. An identified issue with the battery management system has been rectified. Users have been advised and the upgrades are covered under the warranty.

ExploSim Instruction Manual

The ExploSim Instruction Manual has been updated to reflect recent improvements. A copy is on the ExploSim page.

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