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ExploSim shows the effects of an explosion without damaging buildings or killing people.

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How it does it

ExploSim provides a safe emulation of blast effects using radio frequency energy. The result is an indication of probable blast and fragmentation injuries at various distances.The distance / injury calculations are drawn from a range of open-source references.

The selected frequency offers similarities to blast in that it penetrates thin materials and is reflected from hard surfaces. The system can be used to simulate multiple IEDs and boobytraps.

Additional Information

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PARARI 2019 Paper
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Who uses it:

How it's used

Using the transmitter unit's screen and keyboard, users select an amount of explosive between 1 and 20,000 kg (~ 2 to 44,000 pounds), an explosive from a list of commercial, military and home-made explosives, and a triggering system using an external switch or the in-built timer.

Receiver units are issued to people or placed around the site. When the transmitter sends the signal representing the explosion each receiver unit determines if it is in the range that equates to: blast injury, lethality or fragment injury.

The results are indicated by LEDs on the receiving unit. The information and results for each scenario are stored in the transmitter for downloading by the exercise controller.

The injury readings can be converted to expected structural damage.



ExploSim is an emulation system that safely provides an indication of effects of an explosion, it is not presented as a prescriptive analysis tool.