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C2Kit for Small Combat Teams

The C2Kit for Small Combat Teams gives the commander a short-range, command and control system that includes simple communication, surveillance and remote firing. The C2Kit is designed for the missions of small combat teams: surveillance, patrolling, ambush, sniper protection, demolition, platoon/team-in-defence.

How it does it

The C2Kit is a small, discrete, flexible system which can be carried by combat teams and be deployed to provide dominance of the immediate battle space.

The C2Kit provides command and control by linking monitoring of remote sensors with the ability to send simple signals to and from team members and to trigger deployed devices.

The C2Kit consists of the:

The loadout configuration can be modified to meet the needs of the team's task.

The system is based on low-power (~40 milliwatts) using an established RF technology. The low power and the deliberate short range of ~250m provides coverage of the immediate battle space while remaining difficult to detect.

Who uses it

The C2Kit is designed for platoons, patrols, observation posts, forward observers, snipers, specialist teams and other small combat team elements.

The flexibility of the system means it can be deployed for ambushes, surveillance, platoon-in-defence, perimeter security, sniper, OP and FOO protection.

How it is used

The commander can select elements of the C2Kit related to the mission.

In location, sensors can be deployed and linked via the Sensor Modules to the Control Module. Flares, mines and other devices can be positioned and linked back to the Control Module via Initiation Modules and sentries and other team members are issued with Alert Modules so they can alert the commander of activity and the commander can send pre-programmed orders to the team members.

The integrated C2Kit provides greater command and control for the small combat team commander.